"Yes Donna! I Am Ready To Be An Author!"

Get a Book Done So You Can Gain More Prestige,
Become Known as an Expert & Charge Higher Fees --
All in a Matter of a Few Hours Over a Weekend!

Having a Book Means…

1.  Authority -- Universal symbol credibility of respect. 
2.  Physical proof -- The ultimate "show me" piece of your expertise. 
3.  Sign more clients -- Get in front of your prospects. 
4.  Get paid more -- Demand more money for your products and services. 
5.  Signature system -- Create a process or system to put you on the map in your field. 
6.  Speaking -- Serves as the ultimate endorsement for associations and conferences. 
7.  Put it in words -- Boost your confidence in what you offer.

Register for "Write a Book in a Weekend" now and get the accountability, the expertise, the templates and everything
you need to know to get your book done fast and easy!

Give Yourself Permission to Take 2 Days to Get Your Book Done!

You'll receive:
* Fill-in-the-Pages Book Templates (Paste in Your Content & Go!) 

* "What Goes Where" Guide With Proven Book Structures & Content Placement

* InsightHand-Holding from a 2-Time Award Winning Author 

* Opportunity to Play "Title Idol" and Test Out Your Book Title 

* A Book Buddy, Group Energy & Accountability 

Simply choose your weekend! 
The Next Three 2016 Weekend Writing Dates: 

January 30-31
March 19-20
April 23-24
Bonus #1: Register now and get the Write a Book in a Weekend
"On Demand" System so you can start your book THIS weekend if you like!

Bonus #2: Register now and get my "Bullet Proof Book System" that GUARANTEES you finish the weekend with a completed book!

The "Write a Book in a Weekend" Option:
One pay of 585 (Best Deal!)

Six pay of 99

(One today and then five more, each 30 days apart)

WAIT -- Check this out too!

"Publish Your Book" Know How!

Register for this option and receive "Write a Book in a Weekend" PLUS an indepth "How to Publish Your Book" video series and live calls!

Includes descriptions, checklists and "show me" information about:

* Traditional vs. Self-Publishing -- the pros and cons

* Editing & Proofreading Tips -- by yourself or through hiring

* Readying Your Manuscript for publishing

* Cover Design & Back Cover Copy to sell your book

* Formatting so the inside of your book looks professional

* How to Catch "Face Palm" Mistakes before you go to print

* PLUS, How to List Your Book on Amazon!


Select Your Best Option:

Option # 1

"Write a Book in a Weekend" ONLY

Includes registration for live virtual event, templates, bullet-proof book system, 6-live calls and recordings and On-Demand system and guides for only:

One pay of 585
6 EZ pay of 99

(One today and then 5 more, each 30 days apart)

Option # 2

"Write a Book in a Weekend" + "Publishing 101"

Includes the Write a Book in a Weekend live weekend, the
weekend on-demand system and all the rest described above,
 PLUS "How to Get Your Book Published" video series, including information on making manuscript print-ready, cover design, and how to list your book on Amazon!
One pay of 785

8 EZ pay of 99

(one today and then 7 more, each 30 days apart)

Whichever option you choose, know that I believe you can do this! You can become an author and receive all the benefits of having your own book--the expertise, credibility and hold-in-your-hands proof that you've done it!

My best,

Donna Kozik
2-time award winning author
Creator & Leader, the original
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